How We Works?

Get Yourself Registered

Whether you are a buyer of machinery, registration is the first step. Registration is free, quick and easy and gives you access to your own dashboard from which you can manage your quotation request/status on AlangStore. Lot of features of AlangStore require registration and also for any support from AlangStore team you need to be registered user first.

Buyers – Explore Items / Add Quotation

Buyers can browse the catalogue of listed equipment by either using the search bar on the home page or by drilling down the categories and sub-categories and then filtering and sorting based on the desired choices. If you don’t find any listing matching your need, then you can add a ‘Wanted Machinery/parts’ request on the platform and our team will start looking for it and give best offer for your requirement.

AlangStore Assisted Buyer Interaction

AlangStore will start receiving quotation request from many buyers while, buyer negotiation and communication happens through our automated platform where all the negotiations are assisted by AlangStore team.

Confirm the Deal

Buyers once ready to inspect the machinery/parts after being satisfied by the information and quotations received about the machinery/parts and confirm the deal and generate purchase order in our system. That’s its… AlangStore will assist you until you receive your product in your hand.